The Naughtiest Girl in School book review

This book’s story is based on a naughty girl who tries to make friends with a lonely girl at the school but it gives a lot of persuasion. The book’s main characters are Elizabeth Allen, the pretty but naughty girl at the school, and Joan Townsend, a solitary girl who never speaks to anyone with sadness of her mother not caring about her. Joan Townsend and Elizabeth become best friends at Whytsteade School.

Elizabeth Allen

This little spoilt, cheeky girl is being cruel to everyone in the boarding school including her masters and mistresses as she had made up her mind to be spiteful so that she might be sent back home with her lovely caring mother. If  this girl has made up her mind she would not ever change it but now, for her first time she has for a friendless girl called Joan Townsend. The peculiar little girl becomes a role model as it comes to friendship.

Joan Townsend 

A young girl who leads a miserable life with no care, affection or even love from her parents (she feels as if she’s long forgotten by anyone in the world, it felt to her that she was as ignored as a solitary ghost). This curious girl had a twin brother who was cared most by her parents, Joan tries to use every attempt to impress them but sadly it never worked but one faithful day her brother died leaving sadness to his parents. Anger grew in the parents of Joan and wished that he could have lived with them so Joan might die in his place.

Joan felt so uncared and jealous of her twin but as she grew older she was forgetting him everyday of his life.

Would I recommend this book?

Yes, I would to anyone because it shows you even though you are small you could do unbelievably incredible things and how true friendship has to be even if you are a naughty one or an unknown one ( even if you have fights ).

How would this help?

This lovely book will help anyone to be friend with everyone in every different types although this book could show anyone even though thy have endless fights. If someone is rude to you do not worry about it you will soon deal with it. 

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  1. Hi Harinei
    You have written two great character descriptions and a great reccomendation. You could have some action in your character description. You could put in their appearance to make it better.
    By Navya

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