The Book that I enjoyed reading!!!!!

The book that I enjoyed reading was Anne Fine the angel of nitshill road and it about a girl who was calling a boy names and calling him fat. One day the girl was at her desk and the teacher wanted to to speak to her but she was so scared because she thought that the boy told of her but the teacher gave her a hug because she was honest to her teacher.

I would recommend this book to anyone because it funny and amazing and I would maybe read the whole book series.

Please tell what do you think.

5 thoughts on “The Book that I enjoyed reading!!!!!”

  1. Well done Ashley! You have told me about the book that you have been reading and who you would recommend this book to and why. Make sure before you post a post you check everything makes sense and make sure you haven’t used the same word twice.

  2. You did an awesome post with connectives and openers as Scarlett had said. Also you have told me why you will recommend this book. Can you tell me how she looked like?

    – You used great openers.
    – You used awesome connectives

    – Can you describe a characters?
    – Can you tell me the bit you liked?
    – Can you tell me the bit you didn’t like?

  3. Ashley this book sounds amazing. The way you have described it makes me want to read it more and more. This was a great recommendation and the book sounds great to.

  4. You have told me what happened in this story and it sounds good. You could of added more detail and vocabulary. At was your favourite part of the book? What didn’t you like in this book and why?
    By Navya

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