My drawing – Weeping Woman

In my drawing I used colour pencils to colour the drawing and I used a pencil to do the outline. Also in my drawing I press very hard on the colour pencil to make the drawing more neater. File_000 (1)

Also  I press very hard on the picture because if I don’t do it the picture might have white coloured gaps so I have to press very hard . I am also very proud of my drawing  because I added lots of detail and I added lots of colours . In my drawing I have to first do a outline then I have to have to cut the drawing  into pieces the I drawn the eyes and mouth , and finally i coloured it and I added the detail and I finished it also when I was drawing I also outlined the cuts to make it even more neater and that’s how I drawn the drawing .

Arlina’s Diary in Guerrnica

Dear Diary,

This battle of Guernica is so outlandish why does it even have to exist? I won’t breathe until my baby is safe with me. All I need is Lila with me. Life is like hell without her. She is the only endearing, sublime daughter I have. I soon as my life comforted with Guernica loathe is the only opinion I have about it. Why do the outlandish creatures even live in this world? The moment my child had been carried from heaven I can’t leave as tranquilly as being in a vacuum room.


That Minotaur is as hostile as fire trying to get your life. Why does this happen to me? Why do ferocious beasts only insult me? I’ll do anything to see my child, but all I’ll do to that Minotaur is get rid of its life. I have never had a day where grief had painted my soul this much that I give up in this life I have been given.

Rattling weapons made pain reach my ears. There’s no one with me except Lila who I’ve lost. The only child, Lila, who I love more than anyone else has parted for me. The only way my eyes can reach my beloved daughter is by going into heaven. I have never had such a soul- sinking moment like this for me in Guernica. If she is in heaven that feels like I’m in heaven.

From Arlina

It’s a mystery From History


You may have many ways that lead you to a desire deadline but the only time desire touches my heart is when a sad message is sent to my brain. No other way makes me sad. Anyway my name is Hermione Jackson. I am 12 am years old. Most people call me Herpy as I am always gleeful. I like my life here in Hapson as this is the one most sun-kissed town I’v got all my beloved friends eager to play with me and have some fun together. They are one of the people who lift of my soul. I go to a school called Spring Shine Academy. Every day I write in my diary about the day I had in school and my feelings and this is the only place where I can express my emotion freely.
“ Good morning princesses and princes,” our courteous teacher Miss Kindwell would say to us every morning. She is a our maths teacher and she is my favourite teacher in the school. Next to me sat Nayna, my best friend, she had a sweet soul and every time our face looks at her a bright smile shines across her pale face like the moon shining at you.
“ Thank you. Miss Kindwell. Okay. Good morning class. Today we are going to our double trip aren’t we. So I hope crone is excited for our trip today,” vocalised Miss Phine. We immediately lined up and off we went for our double trip.
The air for the clouds above the museum announced our arrival. My feet touched the ground as if I was trying to play tennis. I was complained for trying to keep up as I am quite slow. Not even I had a clue why I had slowed down. Then I noticed something what was it…

What is it?

My hands reached its face. All the complicated wires in my stomach started tightening and confusion built up in me like brick by brick. It was yellow, well kind of ancient really. My forehead got wrinkled trying to solve the mystery. What is it. It felt kind of dry like a cacophony, but it wasn’t.
“Honey, are you okay? “ asked Miss Phine kind of Curious for what she saw in my hand for a millisecond. I quickly hid it behind my back. This is what I found. I am not going o show it to anyone until I find the mystery behind it.
“Eh, y – yeah, yeah, I was just admiring ehm the ground,” I replied using a hand to wipe my forehead. I opened the message and it had said…

Non est caput serpentis ,
Neque etiam frustum panis
Venite ad Romanos
Hoc erit domus tua,
Uti hoc map , et veni huc
Perdiderit animam tuam ante te

What does this mean?

Chocolate Cake Advertisement

Just one bite is all you need and it will grab your taste buds rapidly. The chocolate icing will soak your tongue. Apetizing chocolate spreads across the pudding. Your soul would feel like relaxing in the beach. Keep a tissue beside you in case mouth waters. This chocolate cake needs a home and your stomach is the correct place.

Chocolaten cream is injected into the delectable sponge. Sprinkles are sitting on it waiting for a huge bite. Palatable icing slips down the cake. The sponge soaks chocolate in your mouth. Youndon’t like chocolate? Well chocolate cake is definitely going to reach your stomach quickly and gleefully.

Letter to David Cameron Of Complaint Who Wants Sade To Leave The Country And go Back To Nigeria.

Rosecourt Road

Thornton Heath




10 Downing Road



SW12A8                                                                                                                                                                                        17/05/16

Dear David Cameron,

I am writing to you to request top you not to agree for Sade to return back to Nigeria. As you are the prime minister of the UK, I am sure you’ll make the best choices, but you don’t know about poverty – stricken Sade’s life. She moved here for a reason and you don’t know why, so you can’t make a choice.

Sade isn’t safe in Nigeria. Her mum died, after being shot. If you’d like to ruin a courteous , 12 year old girl’s life you may agree with your opinion of sending her there. She is a refugee and if you know the definition to that why would you influence Sade to get out of the COUNTRY. How would you feel if you was a refugee and the same thing happened to you?

You’re a prime minister you should be responsible for people’s lives. You can’t just make choices with out knowing anything about them. If I was the prime minister I would make a choice to make everyone’s content lift up. Make Sade ecstatic. How would you feel if you were in this situation.

Yours Sincerely Nanthiya





Child Labour

I strongly believe that child labour should end. children are not supposed to do dangerous work such as working in factories. It is unfair for children to work when they are actually supposed to go to school. After the age of thirteen you can start doing work and this should only be light work.

After doing all this work, it is astonishing for the amount of money they get paid. Twenty one point four percent of children are involved in child labour and this should stop. These young children are suffering a lot of pain. Do you think it is acceptable for children to do all this hard work? It is surprising that seventy six countries around the world have child labour.

For these reasons, I strongly believe that child labour should end. Clearly, we need to stop and children would appreciate it a lot if they have time to go to school.

The Other Side of Truth

Our topic this term is The Other Side of Truth. I am going to share what year 5 has done so far in this topic.

The Other Side of Truth is a book written by Beverly Naidoo. Beverly Naidoo is an author and novelist. She writes novels for adults and children. The Other Side of Truth was her third book that she’s written. She is famous for writing book and novels for children and adults to read.

We also learnt about what we fully appreciate and how we empathise with others. Empathize means when you put yourself into someone’s shoes and see how their life is. Firstly, I thought that we should appreciate what we have, because without all these things, we will be alone and homeless. However,when I learnt about empatizing and how other people do not have what we have, I changed my mind. We do not appreciate what we have, because other people do not have it.

We are currently reading the book, The Other Side of Truth. I will summarize the parts that we have read so far. There are two refugees called Sade and Femi. They lived in Nigeria, West Africa. Their mother died and at that time, their father was outspoken. The Nigerian government doesn’t like their father writing articles about the truth. Their father sent them with fake passports and told them to go on a plane with a lady that they did not even know, Mrs Bankole. They went on a flight to London and could not find Sade’s uncle, Dele. Mrs Bankole abandoned Sade and Femi in the café. How did she do it? She met a man who Sade named Mr Bad Temper. They argued and moved away from the cafe so that the children can not see them. They never came back. Where do you think they are?

We are currently making survival packs for the two refugees[Sade and Femi]. We had to work in groups of five and plan how we are going to make this bag. We are not allowed to make our bag out of leather. We looked at our learning logs for different designs for our bags. We used some distilling powers to distill some of the ideas in the learning logs and put them into our designs. Planning and designing how the bag is going to be like was a very hard job. We had to write instructions on how we are going to make our bag. Our bags had to fit in a sleeping bag, torch, water bottle and a map. We had to measure how long our bag is going to be. We had to decide what material is suitable for our bag. There is a competition going on after half term. This competition is about which bag is the most strongest to fit in those things. Only one bag is allowed to win.

We had to make a reflection on what we had learnt in this topic, The Other Side of Truth. We chose where we are going to present our work. We could either present it on blog, prezi, imovie or pop up book. We had to work in groups to do our reflection. We had to maker sure we add these things in our reflection:what do we fully appreciate, how would you feel if you were one of the characters in the Other Side of Truth and what do you like about the book. After we finished our reflection, we had to stick it in a scrapbook. However, prezis, blogs and imovies can’t stick theirs in. These groups had to make a qrafter code and put their reflection in it.

The last thing we had to do was to write on a speech bubble on what is your favourite part of the book. First, we had to write our thoughts on a post it note. Then, a teacher has to check if it is okay, and she will let you write it on a speech bubble and stick it in the scrapbook.









Wonder Book Review

Wonder is a fabulous story. I have really enjoyed this book and I was hooked into the story by the first chapter. I liked it, as it was a bit humerus and funny and every paragraph has a purpose telling the reader about each event of the reader about each event of the the character’s life. The author of this book is R.J. Palacio and she is a really good author who has inspired me so much that I use her story writing techniques.

In this story there is a boy called August. Wonder ( the name of the book) tells you about August’s life. August hasn’t got an ordinary face like you, so he didn’t go to school for many years. He has a sister called Via. August met two teacher called Mrs Garcia and Mr Tushman and he isn’t really ecstatic to go to school. Each part of the story ( as you read along) describes August’s appearance.

I would recommend people at the age of eight and over to read this book. People who would like to know about someone else’s life or is really interested in funny books might like to read this book. You’ll definitely enjoy it. If this story doesn’t knock your socks off, I am willing to know what amazing book will to you? 

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Speed runner

There wally was, surrounded by masked men in the corner of the alley way. But then a red and yellow blur zoomed by and the men  disappeared but so did the blur. He was amazed of what he had seen. He had felt lucky. He had got home and told his dad called Joe west. He was detective. He did not believe a word he said that day. He was wondering if he had banged his head. He went into his room and then shut and locked the door. He turned his computer on and researched it and it came up with the thing that saved him. It showed him stopping people robbing the bank. He is like a hero. It had said he was called the flash. All of a sudden a bolt of lightning propelled through his window. His dad rushed into the room. Wally was lying on the floor. His eyes opened and you could see lightning bolt flashing.  He ran outside. He had felt faster maybe as fast as the flash. He wanted to call himself kid flash. Weeks later, he became a hero from stopping robberys and stopping gun fire.

One day the Flash ran into his house and he came  in with with another speedster. He said he was called the future flash. It was his sidekick. But the Flash  wanted 2 sidekicks and he  asked wally. Wally said…


To be continued

by 17anaajp



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The delicious chocolate cake description

It is certain that this chocolate cake is the most outstanding cake in the world. As soon as you bite it, you will immediately want more to eat. One look at this marvellous food will brighten up your day today as you munch up the slices of this delicious cake. You just can’t stop yourself from eating more and more of this wonderful cake. This chocolate cake is unlike any other cakes. This one has something special in it that you won’t recognise. It has soft, delicate creamy crumbs and creamy, creative icing covered the whole cake, making your mouth water and your stomach rumble. It has a very different taste in it that makes you really happy and enjoy the rest of the day.  The chocolate cake is filled with brown, milky chocolate that melts in your mouth and tastes like cream.Its crumbs are as soft as a pillow. The icing is covered with sprinkles of the clouds from the rainbow and has smarties on it. This cake is a five-layered cake in case you run out of slices to eat. Is it fair to leave this amazing cake? It’s so tasty, it’s so delicious and I’m certain that you will love this cake. If you are interested in this cake, why don’t you try it?